August 02, 2017

How you can supercharge your job search with Email Analytics


Job search is a mess. You can send out dozens of emails and receive no replies or get outright denied. While receiving denials and no replies sucks, knowing WHY can help you avoid them next time.

With ConvertJob's new Email feature you can easily send and track your emails, get insight into what is working and improve what's not. Learn how you can use analytics to improve your chances of landing that dream job.

Metric #1: Your Email Open Rate.

This is the first metric you should pay attention to and it's one of the simplest stats to improve. If you have a low open rate then most probably you need to work on your email’s subject line. This is the first point of contact and should set you apart from other candidates.

If they do see it and don’t reply, then there’s something wrong with either

a) your cover letter;

b) portfolio;

or, c) resume.

Metric #2: Link Clicks.

So, let's say you want to include links to your blog, or previous work, or even social profiles, tracking link click-throughs allows you to identify the high performing cover letter against the lagging one. If none of the links were opened then your cover letter needs to be changed. You can even A/B test different cover letter versions.

Metric #3 Resume Opens.

Lastly, you can attach Resume file as a link and track downloads. If everything worked up to this point, but still no-reply then you know the problem is with your resume. I would recommend to have a professional look over and help with your resume.

In the end job search is just the numbers game, and eventually, you’ll get whatever you’re aiming for!